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Hosts New Orleans provides the promise of an unforgettable experience through a team of local experts comprised of dedicated individuals who have grown up and laid roots in New Orleans. That means our recommendations are backed with years of personal experience and a true passion for one of the world’s greatest and most unique cities. With 50+ years of DMC experience, clients can rest assured that they have the collective knowledge of an amazing team at their disposal.


Leah Sulony

Operations Manager

Deeply rooted into Leah’s 20+ years of customer service career is her “get it right the first time” approach which leaves a positive impact to external and internal customers. Her career path in the U.S. Air Force provided a platform for her to learn the essence of teamwork within stressful situations along with how to be detail oriented in jobs ranging from air traffic controller to base vehicle inspector.

While away from her hometown of New Orleans for 10 years, she elevated to the role of Director of Operations for an International Household Goods Forwarder. There she incorporated her knowledge of the military to partner up with over 300 vendors to bid on, implement, and win large scale government bids for both the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Defense. Leah’s experience of quality customer service and technical skills of project management blend smoothly into the melting pot of the hospitality and charm here at Hosts New Orleans.

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